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Welcome to the Kennemur Group: We support diversity in chemistry and people.

The Kennemur Research Group is centralized around organic and materials chemistry with the goal of synthesizing new polymeric materials with unique function and properties. The combination of chemistry and macromolecular architecture supplies us with a vast variety of polymer systems aimed at solving grand challenges in society. We are also heavily focused on leveraging the thermodynamic principles of equilibrium polymerization to afford sustainable and chemically recyclable materials from monomers that have been classically undervalued. See our research page for more details.

News Highlights:

Visit our Group News for more achievements

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Read our Viewpoint on the promise and challenges of polypentenamers.

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ACS Editors' Choice Perspective on the verstaility of polyvinylpyridine segments in block copolymers

Congrats Coia on the ACS POLY Graduate Student Travel Award
The Group Develops New Pine Sap Plastics

Read the News Article and watch an FSU Arts & Sciences Research in Focus Video above.

No Dead Ends: New Material Makes for a Promising Fuel Cell Electrolyte

Read the News Article on our discovery in collaboration with Prof. Karen Winey (UPenn) and Amalie Frischknecht (Sandia NL).

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