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Congrats to Ana on her Poster


Ana P. gave a poster on her terpene polymer research at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) 2023 at UCF. Congrats!

JGK Joins Macromolecules EAB


JGK has joined the Editorial Advisory Board for Macromolecules for a three-year term starting in Jan. 2023. Macromolecules is the premier journal in the field of polymer science and publishing forefront, original research on all fundamental aspects of macromolecular science. Congrats!

JGK Elected Secretary of the ACS POLY Division


JGK has been elected to the Executive Committee of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY). He will serve as Secretary for a 3-year term beginning 01/01/2023. Congrats!

Invited News & Views Article Published for Nature Synthesis


Courtney and JGK have written a News and Views Article for Nature Synthesis. Here we review and provide insight on an exciting development cyclic-acyclic monomers metathesis polymerization (CAMMP) by the research group of Changle Chen. 

JGK Gives Invited Seminars at UWF, NIST and UMD


Early October has been busy with JGK giving 3 invited research seminars at the University of West Florida (Pensacola, FL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, Gaithersburg, MD), and  University of Maryland (College Park, MD). 

The Group Welcomes Two New Graduate Students


1st year graduate students, Zana Singleton and Nath-Eddy Moody, have joined the team. You can check out their new profiles on the members page. Welcome!

New DOE Grant Funded


A multi-Pi and multi-institutional 3-year grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) Basic Energy Sciences (BES) totaling $2.2 million has been awarded to the team of PIs: Karen Winey, Mike Hickner, Amalie Frischknecht, and JGK. The Kennemur group will be tasked with the synthesis and characterization of novel polymers to reveal new mechanisms in the transport of ions for use in fuel cell technologies. Congrats to all involved!

The Group Collaborates with Lubrizol Corp.


The Kennemur Group and Lubrizol Corporation have teamed up to develop improved fluorine-free membranes for potential use in fuel-cell technology. We look forward to fostering this exciting collaboration!

Multiple Talks at ACS Chicago


Congrats to Coia, Courtney, and JGK for each delivering a great research talk at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Fall National Meeting in Chicago, IL.

New Publication in Macromolecules


As promised below, congrats to Gina on her new publication in Macromolecules. Gina made the first  and only isotactic precision polyethylene derivative containing alcohol pendant at every fifth backbone carbon. In collaboration with the Alamo Lab, we determined the crystalline melting temperature increases by 65 °C when traversing from atactic to isotactic! This material presents unanswered structure-property relationships on precision materials.

Congratulations Dr. Gina Guillory


Gina successfully defended her dissertation and is now the sixth Ph.D. from the Kennemur Group. On the same day of her defense we learned her new paper (story above) was accepted. Heck of a day, Congrats Gina!!

New Publication in Polymer Chemistry


Congrats to Nam on his publication in Polymer Chemistry. Here the synthesis of a high-yielding post-polymerization modification is reported and produces a precision phenylsulfonyl-(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide material. In a collaboration with the Hallinan Group, we blend this material with varying compositions of PEO and monitor phase behavior and conductivity as a function of blend composition. Competitive Li-ion conductivity and transference values near unity are discovered.

New Publication in Journal of Polymer Science


Congrats to Coia and Sarah on their publication in Journal of Polymer Science. They do a deep-dive into DFT calculations to understand correlations between ring strain energy and enthalpy of polymerization on ROMP of cyclopentene derivatives. 

New Publication in ACS Appl. Polym. Mater.


Congrats to Gina on her publication with new collaborators Profs. Ken Hanson and Billy Oates to explore a stilbene-based photomechanical polyimide using low-energy radiation and triplet photosensitizers.

New Publication in Macromolecules


Congrats to Nam on his publication with our collaborators Profs. Karen Winey and Daniel Hallinan to explore a new precision phenylsulfonyl-(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide material and Li-ion transport in low molar mass PEO blends.

JGK Gives Invited Talk at POLY Workshop


JGK gave an invited talk in Napa, CA at the 2022 Polymers for Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, and Conversion Workshop hosted by the ACS POLY Division. Thanks to the organizers!

Department Awards Gina and Coia


Congratulations to Gina for winning the 2022 Graduate Teaching Excellence Award in Organic Chemistry and to Coia for winning the 2022 Cheryl and Joel Rosenfeld Endowment Award!

Coia Wins POLY ACS Travel Award


Congratulations to Coia on winning the ACS POLY Graduate Student Travel Award! This award will support her to give an oral presentation at the ACS Fall National Meeting in Chicago later this year.

The ACS POLY/PMSE Student Chapter at FAMU-FSU has arrived!


Congrats to Courtney on becoming the 1st President of the newly registered ACS POLY/PMSE Student Chapter at FAMU-FSU. She along with an excellent executive committee organized the 1st Annual Polymer Symposium with Plenary Lectures from Profs. Davita Watkins and Ralm Ricarte. Check out their website! 

Congratulations Dr. Nam Nguyen


Nam successfully defended is dissertation and is now the fifth Ph.D. from the Kennemur Group. We like the number 5. Congrats!!

Congratulations to Graduating Seniors


Congratulations to Caroline (B.S. Chemistry) and Sarah (B.S. Biochemistry) on graduating! Good luck on your future endeavors!

Welcome to Emily Grumbles and Jaehoon Jang


The Kennemur group welcomes our two newest graduate students, Emily and Jaehoon. More about them can be found on the members page

New Publication in MCP


Congrats to Nam on his co-first authored publication in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics. Here we collaborated with Prof. Daniel Hallinan and Prof. Rufina Alamo to understand miscibility and ion transport in PEO blended with precision polyelectrolytes.

Coia and Courtney: PhD Candidates


In a back-to-back double header, Coia and Courtney both passed their candidacy exams. Congrats to both of you!

Patent Awarded


JGK was awarded a US Patent 11,136,426 entitled "Cyclopentene monomers and methods of polymerization" for his work discovering highly precise and isotactic PCP derivatives.

Three (virtual) Talks Given at ACS Fall 2021


Congrats to Nam, Gina, and JGK who gave excellent talks at the 2021 ACS National Meeting - Atlanta/Virtual

New Publication in Polymer Chemistry


Mark, Coia, and Heather published their work investigating the effects of alpha-pinene on the ROMP of delta-pinene. Congrats to all!

New Publication in Chemistry of Materials


JGK collaborates with Prof. Karen Winey and Dr. Amalie Frischknecht to explore a fluorine-free precision polymer electrolyte with high proton transport.

Kennemur Research in the News


FSU News and FSU Arts and Sciences highlight our recent discovery of a pine sap-based plastic with a News Article and a Research in Focus Video . The story was picked up and re-posted by several news outlets including Phys.Org and Azo Materials.

Congratulations Dr. Mark Yarolimek


Mark becomes the 4th Ph.D. student from Kennemur Group and successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Materials from Biomass Feedstocks"

Kennemur does "Ask a Scientist" on Twitch


JGK teams up with host Prof. Ken Hanson to perform educational outreach on plastics while simultaneously trying to beat old-school video games. Check out the YouTube Video

Four Talks Given at ACS Spring 2021


Mark, Gina, Nam, and Taylor each gave a great talks at the ACS Spring Virtual Meeting. Congrats to all!

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