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Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dr CSK profile_edited.jpg

Dr. Chinnadurai Satheeshkumar

B.S. Chemistry 2005 (1st Class) - University of Madras, India
M.S. Chemistry 2007 (1st Class) - University of Madras, India
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry 2013 - U. Madras (Rajakumar Group)
Post Doc - Sungkyunkwan U. ( Changsik Song Group)
Post-Doc - Korea Adv. Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
                     (Myungeun Seo Group)

Research: Synthesis and Exploration of Precisely Charged Polymers for Fuel Cell Applications.


Graduate Students


Courtney Leo

joined in 2019

B.S. Chemistry 2019 - University of New Hampshire (Berda Group)

Research: Advanced Functional Materials from Polypentenamer Derivatives

Hobbies: guitar, beaches, concerts, helping animal shelters

Jaehoon profile_edited.jpg

Jaehoon Jang

joined in 2021

B.S. Chemistry 2019 - SUNY - Stony Brook (Rudick Group)

Research. Advanced Elastomers and Polymeric Architectures.

Hobbies: drums, piano

Nath Eddy Moody 2022 profile_edited.jpg

Nath-Eddy Moody

joined in 2022

B.S. Chemistry 2022 - University of Central Florida

Research: Synthesis and Properties of Terpene-based Polyolefins from Biomass.

Hobbies: running, gastronomy

Zana Singleton profile_edited.jpg

Zana Singleton

joined in 2022

B.S. Biochemistry 2019 - Georgia Southern University

M.S. Applied Physical Science 2022 - Georgia Southern U. (Schanz Group)

Research: Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Polycations for Anion Transport.


Hobbies: scuba diving, games, MTG

Deloso Profile photo_edited.jpg

Laura Deloso

joined in 2023

B.S. Chemistry 2023 - University of South Florida (Cooke Group)

Research: Biomass-based Copolymers and TPEs


Hobbies: video games, food, art, violin


Liam Radeke

joined in 2023

B.S. Biochemistry 2023 - College of Charleston (Rogers Group)

B.S. Chemistry 2023 - College of Charleston (Barker Group)

Research: Synthesis and Thermodynamics of Ring Opening Metathesis Copolymerizations.


Hobbies: ragtime piano, e-skateboarding, video games, hiking

minion scientist.jpg

Could B. You

join us!

B.S. Chemistry (or related field) - Minion College

The Kennemur Group is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated graduate students to join the team! Be sure to check out the FSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Admissions Page for application deadlines and instructions.


Hobbies: bananas

Undergraduate Researchers

Luke Hudson profile pic.heic

Luke Hudson

Future Class of 2025

Major: Biochemistry

Research: DFT Calculations & Synthesis of Ionized Polypentenamers


Hobbies: snorkeling, badminton, cooking

Skylar Alonzo profile_edited.jpg

Skylar Alonzo

Future Class of 2024

Major: Biochemistry

Research: Precision Proton and Ion-Conducting Materials


Hobbies: swimming, reading, learning

Santiago Profile Pic 2022_edited.jpg

Presley Santiago (UROP)

Future Class of 2024

Major: Biology (Minor: Chemistry)

Research: Chemically Recyclable Elastomers


Hobbies: gym, pickle ball, beach trips

Henges_Sophia profile photo(1)_edited.jpg

Sophia Henges

Future Class of 2025

Major: Chemistry

Research: Biomass-based plastics


Hobbies: coffee shops and football games

Downarowicz profile_edited.jpg

Kayla Downarowicz

Future Class of 2025

Major: Chemistry (Environmental Emphasis)

Research: Functional Cationic Polymers


Hobbies: reading, crocheting, baking

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